Gay Lesbian Rights

Gay Rights and Job Discrimination in the Workplace

When discussing gay rights, many people get so gripped up in talk of gay marriage and gay adoption that they fail to recognize that in many states gays and lesbians do not have the same basic rights as heterosexual citizens. While most citizens assume…

December 19, 2018
Criminal Law

Employee Theft Charges Under the Criminal Law

It would be a grave violation of trust for employees to steal from their employers. In Vancouver and elsewhere, the criminal law is harsh on such individuals. They might need legal assistance from a qualified criminal lawyer to avoid further complications such as imprisonment…

October 22, 2018
Gay Lesbian Rights

Gay Rights and Legal Obstacles 8

To some extent the legal obstacles were already covered in all the previous articles I wrote about gay rights and obstacles. The legal obstacles are the same as the issues concerning same-sex marriage-acts, financial benefits for married couples, no discrimination laws, etc. Although there…

October 4, 2018
Civil Law

Custody Laws and Family Court

Child custody laws in our system are coded under the laws governing family relationships.  This area of the civil law is known as Family Law.  Child custody statutes are usually found under the laws specifically related to the Divorce procedure.  However, child custody laws…

October 3, 2018
International Law

International Law Degree Benefits

There has been quite some issue regarding the type of legal degree that one can get. If you are thinking of a legal career, you have an option of the normal degree or the international law degree. There are differences between these types of…

September 16, 2018
Property Law

Property Law in Thailand

Thailand is becoming an ever more popular retirement and choice of country to live with its low costs and beautiful scenery not forgetting of course the world famous friendliness of the Thais themselves. But finding out about the laws governing property ownership here can…

September 13, 2018
Criminal Law

Criminal Law and Drug Crimes

Have you or a loved one been arrested for a drug crime? If so, you must know this is a very serious offense. It’s not something you will be able to handle yourself. You will need to hire a good criminal law attorney who…

August 9, 2018
Gay Lesbian Rights

Legal Issues of Gay and Lesbian Pregnancy

When Sharon Bottoms lost custody of her two-year-old son in 1993, she was appalled by the decision of the court system. Sharon’s sexual orientation was the sole reason the court pulled the young child from his home and placed him in the legal custody of his…

July 14, 2018